Growth:  As long as there are Veterans homeless on the streets, or living in shelters Vet Comm will continue to grow and expand. We will be in a constant state of change.  Every Veteran that comes through our doors will be fighting different challenges, our jobs will be to pinpoint those challenges and find a solution.  We will need to find in the Veterans (and their spouses and children), their passion, their talents, give them a lifeline that they can grab onto and pull themselves up. It’s not jut about putting a roof over their heads, or giving them a hot meal to eat. It’s about rejuvenating the light that has been dimmed, re-flaming the fire that is within all of us. 

      In being a community the possibilities are endless.  As we grow we will add new businesses that will in turn support the community.  These businesses will be run by the Veterans that live in the community, or Veterans from outside of the community, and the services can be offered to people from the surrounding communities as well. But as we grow we will need everything from dog groomers, day care workers, retail and food service workers, lawn care personnel, to construction workers, IT personnel, security; also personnel to take over the day to day management of Vet Comm itself so the community can continue to grow and thrive for generations to come.

      Stability:  We expect Vet Comm to become self-sustaining within five years.  This will be done by not purchasing anything unless we have the funds to pay for it. So no debt. Also when we build we will make buildings as energy efficient as possible.  Initially most of our funding will come from donations, and grants.  We will not just rely on government grants, as many nonprofits do, but also seek out the private foundations which support Veteran organizations, currently there are approximately 8000 here in the US. We will also rely heavily on volunteers.  We have already had several Veteran and non-Veteran organizations offer their services, and many individuals as well.  Once we go full speed ahead and become more well known, it is a sure bet that many other organizations and individuals will step in to help as well.

      Every sub-business used to support the community will also be designed to bring in funding.  The farm through its livestock and produce, which of course will save a great deal on food costs. The country store through the sales of products made, grown or raised on property. Our culinary institute by offering cooking classes, the list is endless, and will keep evolving and changing.