There are not many housing options for homeless Veteran’s with pets, few shelters, or transitional housing units will allow pets.  These pets have become a support system for the Veteran, they are their family and love them unconditionally.  Many homeless Veterans would rather live on the street then to give up their beloved pet.  Also, for the Veterans with families and pets, often times the children must go and live with family or friends and the family pet ends up in a shelter.  This is devastating for anyone let alone a child that has just lost everything, and does not understand why. At Vet Comm we will take the pets along with the Veterans. Obviously this can create issues, which is probably why most housing options say no. But where there is a problem, we will find a solution. The animals when they arrive will get a bath, food, a health check up along with any needed shots, spayed or neutered if needed, and we will work to integrate the pet back into society as well. We have a local Veterinarian that has offered to help us with the pets when needed.  We will also work with other organizations to help train the owners to train the animals, and also work with those organizations that train service animals for our Veterans with PTSD, TBI, MST or other issues they might have.