Transitional Housing

Temporary, dorm style housing used to get the Veterans stabilized until they are ready to move into permanent housing

Permanent Housing

1, 2 and 3 bedroom houses in which the single Veterans or families can rent out for as long as they want or need.  Rent will be based on income, not to exceed 30%


Spiritual Center

We will have a non-denominational center where any one from the community can go and find peace to practice their own religious beliefs.

Country Store

We will have a country store on property in which we will sell our produce and meats to our permanent housing residents and also the surrounding community. Also other items, some may be homemade by our community.

Culinary Institute

A commercial kitchen in which we can not only use the facilities for food prep., but also for therapy and O.J.T.  

Our Farm

A fully operational farm that will be used to raise livestock and produce. The farm will be used for therapy, OJT for those Veterans wishing to go into farming, and also as income for the community.


While we want all of our Veterans to not need any medicines, we will have an area in which we can monitor the meds. they use. We will also be able to handle basic first aid issues.

Growth & Stability

Our community will be ever evolving and changing.  We expect it to become self-sustainable in about 5 years.  This can only be achieved by growing the community and it’s offerings.

Beautiful Lake Hartwell is located just a short drive away where our Veterans can go to boat, fish or just to relax.