Our Culinary Institute will serve several different functions. 

  • It will be used for therapeutic sessions. Besides teaching people how to cook, or new cooking methods, its the link between nutrition and the mind, as a high-quality diet nourishes the brain. Also, when you focus on the item you are cooking, or prepping, you are not going over past or future problems, you are learning to focus on the moment. 
  • Using the food produced on our farms, the culinary institute will be used to prepare all the meals to feed our residents in transitional housing, and occasionally those that need it in our permanent housing as well.
  • Again using the food produced on our farms, we can produce baked goods as well as wash and prepare the food to be sold in our country store, which will inturn bring in additional income to support our community.
  • Our Culinary Institute will also be used for O.J.T. for those residents that desire to learn the culinary field.  We could also open up classes to the surrounding communities that would again bring in additional income for the community.

There is also the possibility of opening up a training restaurant that would be located in the country store that could be used again for O.J.T. and also bring in additional revenue to support Vet Comm.  

Currently we have a U.S. Navy Veteran that was trained at Le Cordon Blue that is interested in working with us to make all of our goals  a reality.