About these statistics. HUD collects data on homelessness every year in January.  The counts called Point In Time (PIT) counts are done on a single night in January, and depending on the year determine the type of counts; even year counts are typically only taken on those individuals in shelters, and in odd years they include in shelter and those living on the streets, or other places not intended for human habitat. 

The PIT counts only show the number of Veterans that can be counted, it does not show the breakdown between male and female Veterans, nor does it break down the homeless Veterans with families.  Both of these will be looked at separately, as there is no good way to get a count on these populations which will be explained as well.

The PIT count for 2017 showed 40,056 Veterans as being homeless a 1.457% increase over 2016. The data for the total number of Veterans for 2017 has not been published yet, Data will be updated as it becomes available.

There are 1.4 million Veterans currently at risk of becoming homeless, this mostly due to our Veterans living in poverty. 

It seems that when the statistics are given on the number of homeless Veterans from year to year, the number is based on the actual count of homeless Veterans. While this is an accurate calculation, it does not take into account the fact the number of Veterans every year is declining as well. So, if we look at the percentage every year of how many of our Veterans are homeless, and compare that over the years we get a 33.819% decrease from 2009 thru 2016, vs the 47.796% that is the widely publicized percentage of decline. While a fantastic improvement, these numbers cannot take into account the number of homeless Veterans that slip through the cracks on the once a year counts, nor can it take into account some of the female Veterans, or the Veterans with families that often times are missed for the reasons as stated below.

Kudos: To all the men and women that participate in the PIT counts, and know where to look for our homeless Veterans, whether in a shelter or elsewhere, this has to be an enormous and difficult task  

year Total # of Veterans   Total # of female Veterans   %fem to male   # of homeless Vets per PIT counts   %homeless Vets to total # of Vets
2017             40,046    
2016 19,535,341   1,586,519   8.1213%   39,471   0.2020%
2015 20,108,332   1,578,528   7.9000%   47,725   0.2373%
2014 20,700,711   1,573,254   7.6000%   49,689   0.2400%
2013 21,263,779   1,552,256   7.3000%   55,619   0.2616%
2012 21,853,912   1,551,628   7.1000%   60,579   0.2772%
2011 21,215,303   1,463,856   6.9000%   65,455   0.3085%
2010 22,652,496   1,563,022   6.9000%   76,329   0.3370%
2009 22,894,578   1,579,726   6.9000%   75,609   0.3302%
% change thru 2016 -14.673%           -47.796%   -38.819%
thru 2017             -47.035%    

Homeless female Veterans.  Unfortunately this population of the homeless Veteran is rarely seen or even heard about.  Even though the female Veteran makes up over 8% of the entire Veteran population, the number of homeless female Veterans is unknown, and only speculative. Many of these women have experienced Military Sexual Trama, and suffer from PTSD, and are either afraid, or totally distrustful of coming forward and asking for help, or just don’t know what help is available.

 For an extremely insightful look at homeless female Veterans, please go to:



Homeless Veterans with families:   Here again there is no real good data on the number of homeless Veterans with families.  This is in part due to many families stay with friends or relatives until their stay wears our.  Other Veterans send their children to live with friends or family while they themselves live in shelters or on the streets. Others are afraid of stating they have children, or are homeless for fear of having the children taken from them.  

 A good read on this subject can be found at:


Please Note:  If anyone does have verifiable statistics on homeless female Veterans, or on homeless Veterans with families please contact us thru our contact page to pass on this information.  Thank you.