Basics:  Set the foundation: 

As needed, help them obtain

  • Birth Certificates
  • Social Security Card
  • DD-214
  • Drivers License
  • Any VA benefits

Help them learn to have FUN again:

  • Have Barbeques
  • Movie Nights
  • Have a recreation center with board games, pool table, air hockey, card games etc.
  • Since we will be close to a lake, take them out jet skiing, or water skiing, kyaking and more
  • Basketball
  • Eventually even a softball team

For the families:

  • Create a fun day for families.  Our families will need to have time together as a unit, as they may have been living seperately, or in a car, or a hotel room, or on the streets; they will need to do things together that are fun, unstressful, creating good memories, and tightening that bond once again. 
  • We will have group fun days for the children to allow them to interact with other children that have gone through the same issues, same with the spouses.



The Veterans will be required to participate in therapeutic sessions. These sessions are designed to help those veterans that suffer from PTSD, TBI, depression, or physical disabilities, and to add structure back into their lives. Also, sessions set up at address MST as well.

Note:  There are different organizations that deal directly with these issues, we will work with them for those Veterans, or family members that need help beyond our scope.

  • Yoga and Tai Chi Kung, are good for increasing balance, reducing stress, helps strengthen muscles and connective tissues, and improves cardiovascular fitness. 
  • Agri-therapy or farm-therapy. This form of therapy helps the Veterans to work as a team again, it helps with hand eye coordination and develop cognitive skills
  • Music-therapy helps to reduce stress and depression. It also helps to express emotions, and open up social interactions.
  • Open fire-pit group discussions. Many of the Veterans may have been on the streets for a while, this will be an area where they can talk about anything and everything which will help to re-socialize them, and learn to listen and communicate again.
  • Fishing: This helps the Veterans decompress from the stresses in life, it provides emotional, physical and psychological rehabilitation.
  • Culinary therapy. Besides teaching people how to cook, or new cooking methods, its the link between nutrition and the mind, as a high-quality diet nourishes the brain. Also, when you focus on the item you are cooking, or prepping, you are not going over past or future problems, you are learning to focus on the moment.
  • We will have volunteers throughout the local community, and the Veterans community, that will come and take the Veterans out to play golf, or just out for a burger.  This will help to reinforce to the Veteran that people do care about them and their well being, that they dont have to go through this alone, and help them to make the transgression back into society.

We will also work with other agencies outside of Vet Comm to get any needed medical treatments to help with substance abuse, or other issues

Moving Forward:

Once the Veteran is back on stable ground we will move forward.  

  • Work on any needed life skills ie: parenting, anger management, etc.
  • Get financial issues in line

          – Bank Accounts created

          – Budgeting

          – Credit repair

          – Financial counseling

  • Help with resume writing and job interview preparation
  • Begin O.J.T. either within Vet Comm or working with the outside communities and get the Veteran’s set up with local employers
  • Help with continuing education when wanted