As soon as we raise the funds needed to purchase the property, we can start giving our Veterans the foundation they need to put their life back in order.  As we are a 501(c)(3) public charity we are applying for grants to help us expand on the property and programs. The initial intent is to have facilities available for anywhere from 20 – 25 Veterans, and start expansion immediately to be able to continue to expand on that amount. Ultimately the community should be able to accommodate between 400 – 500 Veterans. 






Because they are our brothers and sisters in arms.  They have served with honor, but due to the ravages of war, and other issues they have faced, they find themselves with no where to go.  For what you might spend on a Big Mac meal we can start to take our Veterans off the street and give them the  support, backing and foundation to live a productive life once again.   All in a community created for them that puts them daily in an environment of other Veterans that have gone through, and are going through, many of the same hardships and issues.

While there are other transitional houses, permanent housing options through HUD-VASH, support services,etc. many services that the homelss Veteran receives are only available to them if them go through and are referred by the VA, many of these have requirements in order for the Veteran to be able to use the services or housing options, many have time frames in which the Veteran can stay, many are dependent on the Veteran obtaining employment almost immediately, many will only accept the Veteran if he/she has been drug or alcohol free for 30 days or more, most won’t take pets, mainly just a lot of restrictions which could make things difficult for the Veteran to fulfill all of the requirements.

Vet Comm is a unique concept, it will be a Veterans Community..

One final reason why you should help.  Veteran suicides. If we can take in one Veteran that feels that they have no where to go, no where to turn, and we could help save even one life, how would that make you feel?  Imagine what it would mean to our brothers and sisters in arms to have a community created for them by Veterans that truly care.

                                They’ll have support.

                                Theyll have structure

                                Theyll have comradery.

                                Theyll have hope..