Where you can find us




While mainstream thinking seems to be to put housing options in Urban areas, were grass-roots, so we think of grass, open areas, mountains, lakes, places to relax, rejuvenate and renew, naturally (nature). Places where there is not a constant barrage of noises, but still be close to a diversity of employment and educational opportunities.  So we are looking along I-85, between Atlanta and Greenville. But, we expect to draw from all over the South East, if not the nation.

Please note: One of the main triggers for PTSD is noise, while there is noise everywhere most of the noise our Veterans will hear will be cows mooing, roosters crowing, sheep baahhing, not the constant barrage of horns blowing, people yelling, breaks squealing. This in of itself should go a long way to help our Veterans find their inner peace, and start the healing process.





      By Veterans..  By you..

We are asking our Veteran’s, their friends and loved ones to help us out. 

We are also in the process of applying for grants that will help us set up the programs that are needed.

There are over 19 million Veterans in the US, 6 million Veteran’s located here in the southeast. If we could reach even 4% of that population and they agreed it was well worth contributing as little as $10 to get a homeless Veteran off the street, we would be more than able to get up and running. So we will ask you to consider donating what you are comfortable with to help get a homeless Veteran off the street and back on their feet.  Remember that a donation of even $10 will make a hugh difference in getting our homeless Veterans back on their feet.

Our plan

Our phase 1 goal is to buy acreage with a house.  On this property we can have transitional housing, room for  some livestock, and gardening that will be used for therapy, and also to feed our Veterans. From here we will look for a larger parcel. This property will then be used to build our permanent housing. On the larger property we will move our transitional housing, and also have an admin. building, our store, culinary institute and spiritual center. We will have the land to raise livestock and grow produce, and even have greenhouses for year round use, and also income to support the community.

We also expect this community to be able to be replicated in other areas of the country.


We are structured to become self-supporting, so your initial support will allow us to get set up, once up and operational we wont need to continually ask for support.